About Fred Mackintosh

Fred Mackintosh QC is the Scottish Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Edinburgh Southern and is placed second on the party's list of candidate for the Lothian regional list.  He is an experienced and effective campaigner for his community.

From 1999 to 2007 Fred Mackintosh was City Councillor for Newington and still lives in the area with his wife and their three children. Professionally he is an Advocate with a practice in human rights, extradition, criminal and administrative law. In September 2019 he was appointed Queens Counsel.

Fred joined the Scottish Liberal Democrats in 1989 as a student and was involved in the campaigning that resulted in the creation of the Scottish Parliament a decade later.  He believes that the people of Edinburgh and Scotland as a whole would be best served by being in both the United Kingdom and the European Union and is opposed to the creation of the borders and barriers that nationalism requires.  

In 2012 he was one of the members of the Campbell Commission that wrote the Liberal Democrat policy for Home Rule in a Federal United Kingdom.  You can find out more about how the Scottish Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a federal United Kingdom on the Scottish party website here.

Fred says, "We need action to tackle climate change, provide more homes and sort out our public services.  It amazes me that in the middle of a pandemic with thousands dead and many more seriously impacted the SNP and the Greens still think that another referendum is the answer to our problems.  We need to put recovery first and a belief that the Scottish Parliament should focus on that is what motivates me to run for election this year".

As a councillor Fred campaigned for the passenger services to return to the Edinburgh South Suburban Railway.  You can find out more about his campaign here.

From 2009 to 2011 Fred was Convenor of the Meadows Festival, the principal community festival in southern Edinburgh which takes place on first weekend in June each year.

In 2010 Fred was the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate for Edinburgh South where after a high-profile campaign where he cut the Labour majority to 316.

 After disappointment in that election he returned to practice as an Advocate and also became a Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Edinburgh where for seven years he taught criminal procedure and practice and advocacy to final year laws students studying for their Diploma in Professional Legal Practice.  In 2013 he was appointed a part time Judge of the First Tier Tribunal (Social Entitlement Chamber) hearing appeals against the refusal of benefits. He resigned from that role in 2018 to return to political activity.

In May 2019 Fred was placed second on the Scottish Liberal Democrat list for the European Elections and in September was selected as the party’s candidate for Edinburgh Southern.


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